HIV prevention new faces

It has been some time since my last posting here and there are a couple of reasons for that that I finally take the time to put down in writing. It is not that I have lost interest, or that HIV is no longer a

DIY HIV Prevention (#DIYHIVPx)

No. I do not want to test for HIV in┬áthe “comfort of my home.” Maybe it is just me, maybe that feeling is just personal, my experience anecdotal, maybe I am just an exception, a snowflake; but it’s my choice, my voice and it is

Unprepared, unwilling and unethical

How a lack of leadership in HIV prevention is failing those at risk of infection in the UK (and beyond) In July 2012, the US Food and Drug Administration took a landmark decision when it approved the use of the antiviral Truvada for the prevention

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